Guess who’s back, with a brand new hack !!


Hello fans, we want to make a big announce today, HackPapa is back! Yeah, you heard good, your favorite team of crackers and hackers came back to give you some help in the world of gaming.With all these new games that came out, we are glad to work hard.

Total Conquest Hack – Gold, Tokens and Food

Total Conquest Hack

Hello gamers!Today I am gonna present you Total Conquest Hack. Yeah, you hear well. After we recieved hundreds requests for this tool, today you will have it.Total Conquest Hack let you generate unlimited amount of Gold, Tokens and Food and, of course, this is all for free. As you already know we develop game hacks that run on Android and iOS, so, Total Conquest Hack is available for both operating system.

Clash Royale Hack – Gold, Gems, Cards

Clash Royale Hack

Make sure that you spread the word, because we have just launched the Clash Royale Hack, which can be used to generate unlimited Gold, Gems and to unlock all Cards that you ever wanted. Be prepared to win every game from now on and to show off to your friends now, this hack is going to make your enemies go crazy!

Rayman Adventures Hack – iOS and Android

Rayman Adventures Hack

Hello everyone! We’ve got a new toy for you – the Rayman Adventures Hack. As we’ve said in the previous post, we are going to be making a lot of new hacks and cheats available for everyone (we’ve got a lot of requests piling up in our Facebook Inbox from you – and we are thankful!). We know that our team hasn’t been putting out as many (great) hacks as we’ve been doing last year, but this couple of months we’ve been busy with other real life things and since that all are taken care of now we can start and so some more awesome stuff together!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Hack

Final Fantasy Record Keeper hack cheats tools

Howdy gamers! We are opening a new chapter in the world of game hacks, by introducing you the first operational Final Fantasy Record Keeper hack. This is a tool which every fan of the game can use to generate unlimited gems and gold for FREE, intensively developed and tested by our team of experts. So put your belts on and prepare to be amazed by our hard work on our brand new acquisition in the world of hacks.

Blossom Blast Saga Hack – Get Gold Bars and Lives

Blossom Blast Saga Hack

This is it – we’re putting up another awesome cheat – the Blossom Blast Saga Hack! If you’re here this means you probably already know what’s the deal with this game, but if you’re one of our regular readers that always looks for the coolest hacks so they can actually have FUN while playing a game – below you can find a quick introduction.

Social Wars Hack – Get all the resources you want FREE

Social Wars Hack

We’ve heard you guys! After receiving all your requests we decided to listen to your needs and we created the Social Wars Hack! You can use our hack to generated all the resources that you want – Cash, Gold, Wood, Steel, Oil and Exp straight into your Facebook account – and everything it’s FREE for you!

Dungeon Boss Hack – Generate Free Gold and Gems

Dungeon Boss Hack

Hello fans of HackPapa and thanks for choosing our team, the best hacks providers available today! You will be amazed to discover that we have another hack for you, the Dungeon Boss Hack, working on both Android and iOS versions. Use it to generate FREE Gold and Gems and be a real boss in the game, literally.

Papa John’s Coupon Generator – Free Coupons

Papa John's Coupon Generator

Well, we’ve decided to switch the type of ‘hacks’ we’ve been developing lately and we’ve now developed a Papa John’s Coupon Generator. Why you ask? Well, do you like pizza? Of course you do! That’s why you’re searching for a way to get free coupons for Papa John’s right now and that’s why you reached our website. Well, we also LOVE pizza (what a surprise!) – and one day, while we were

Dead Effect 2 Hack – Get Money, Crystals and more

Dead Effect 2 Hack

Yes, you’ve read that well! Although this game basically just launched a couple of weeks ago, we just had to make a Dead Effect 2 Hack because we think that this game it’s pretty freaking cool! And, just like we do for all the other games, we made a cheat for this game too – you can use it to generate money and crystals straight into your account!